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Oh! Productions amplifies messages and cultivates experiences through live events and video productions for medium-to-large audiences. We lift the weight of production management from visionaries, leaders, and executives so they can focus on the big stuff.

Oh! is a producer-led company that’s creative and detailed. Our team of editors, producers, videographers, writers, graphic animators, set designers, and more, is experienced and decorated with numerous industry awards…And we smile while we work because to us, our job really is as fun as it looks.



At 13 years old, a Kirk Franklin concert changed my life. The dancers, flashing lights, rotating stages, and wardrobe changes…I’d only ever seen something like this done with mainstream music artists. 

Kirk Franklin was doing this in the name of Jesus! At that moment, I knew I wanted to work in entertainment and production but I didn’t want to be on the stage. I remember wondering who designed the stage? Who created the schedule and told the artists when it was their time to go up? 

For the past 26 years, I have continued with the same excitement, curiosity, and passion for production. I’ve worked in radio, artist management, tour promotions and television where I was lead producer for a 3x a week live show.

During my time in television, I received two Lone Star EMMY nominations, winning one of those nominations in the Historical Cultural category for a piece produced on Martin Luther King Jr.

I’m a HBCU grad, earning my Bachelors in Public Relations from Hampton University. I also have a Masters in Entertainment Business from Full Sail University.

I married the love of my life, Dex Reese in 2017; the same year we launched Oh! Productions and we are the grateful parents of two young sons.


Oh! stands for Open Hands. The visual of open hands represents our commitment and heart for surrender, service, and generosity.


We believe this business is ours to steward, not own. God is our owner.


We are a service provider. Our goal is to serve our clients with joy and humility. Always welcoming feedback and collaborating with their best interests and goals in mind. 


What good is it to gain if the gains are not shared? We allocate a percentage of our gross income to give back and invest in movements and organizations we believe in. You can learn about them here.