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Desperate For Jesus

Women’s Conference


Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship


Live Event Production, Video Production

DFJ is a two-day Women’s Conference hosted by Chrystal Hurst and Priscilla Shirer for Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship.

The Desperate for Jesus women’s conference started in 2005 by Dr. Lois Evans. Her heart was to encourage and strengthen the women of her church, and beyond, as they carry out their faith. Dr. Lois’s heart and legacy lives on as her daughters, Chrystal and Priscilla now continue to host and offer leadership to this annual sell-out conference.


We gave leadership to all aspects of the live event production as well as pre-production content. Pre-production content included the scripting, producing and editing for the promo videos and videos used inside of the conference.


Challenges are plentiful with live events in general, but the particular challenge with this one is although it is a long-running and established event, we were really, in a lot of ways, figuring out a whole new conference due to post-pandemic expectations such as offering a virtual viewing option. Historically, this conference was created specifically for those in the room. Oh!’s first year producing the full conference was in 2022 and it was their first year treating it as a fully hybrid event offering for attendees. This particular year we had a chance to push the envelope a lot more creatively and we incorporated some fun and unexpected elements like a live marching band and an ATV on stage.


Our role was vast but some of the high-level services we provided include:

  • Pre-Production Planning with DFJ Team and Oh! Crew
  • Creative Direction
  • Post-Production Creation, Management and Organization of 84 Deliverables (Videos, animations, LED designs, lower thirds, namekeys, etc.)
  • Full Production of Promotional Videos
  • Conceptualizing and Executing Two Openers
  • Event Program/Timeline Consulting
  • Set Design
  • Scriptwriting
  • Location Scouting
  • Booking/Managing Supplemental Crew
  • Managing/Providing Guidance to Full Conference Crew of 30+
  • Calling the Show for all Media Personnel (Event Day Producing)
  • Leading Pre-Production Meetings
  • Leading Rehearsal/Run-Through
  • Managing and Reporting Production Budgets

I’ve been on a lot of sets where there are full schedules, different personalities, frayed nerves and a a full shot-list to accomplish. Kandis brings a sense of calm when leading productions that puts everyone at ease and enables them to feel empowered and free to do their assignment with excellence. I’m so grateful for her unwavering and compassionate leadership. It has made me better at what I do.

Priscilla Shirer

Author + Speaker, Going Beyond Ministries